How to register to University of Turku courses ?Edit

You have to go there for the course related to Information Technology, Embedded Computing, etc :

Here you will find a list of the courses for year 2011-2012 :

How to register at Abo Akademi courses ?Edit

To Register for the courses offered by Abo Akademi university please use the Following link:

Details from the Moodle Page are here these:

  1. You can go directly here :
  2. Then click on "Apply for Flexible Study Right (JOO)" (green link)
  3. And then follow the procedure above

You need to fill in a separate application to Åbo Akademi University before the start of each study year. The application serves also the purpose of registration to ÅAU.

Start filling the application by choosing "Apply for Flexible Study Right" and choose home university (University of Turku). Select "New Application" and at the first page the degree (Master of Science in Technology, Embedded Computing). Fill in your personal information and information on your studies to tabs "Applicant Information" and "Study Information", respectively. At the tab "Study rights applied for" select target university/faculty/department "Åbo Akademi University, Department of Information technologies". The studies applied for will be included in the degree's major studies and you apply for study rights for separate study modules/courses.

Next you need to list the Åbo Akademi courses that are part of the Embedded Computing program, and which you are planning to take during the study year 2011-2012.